Free Journal Access Portal

Welcome to GDN-NA's Free Journal Access Portal.

The Portal offers resident nationals of developing countries no-cost access to an online database of more than 120 well-known social-science journals. The list of journals includes Demography, World Politics, The Journal of Democracy, Anthropological Quarterly, Technology and Culture, and several regional-studies journals, among many others.

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Who can use this site for free:

Resident nationals of low and middle-income countries may use the Journal Access Portal. The GDN uses World Bank definitions of low- and middle-income countries to determine researcher eligibility.

How you can use this site:

To use the site, you must first register as members of the Global Development Network to verify your location.

Create a profile:

GDN will verify your location and create a GDN Researcher Profile. This profile will help researchers increase their visibility and share their work with an international audience of peers, policymakers, journalists, and funders. Registered researchers based in developing and transition countries qualify for other special services, such as access to other journals and datasets, and information about funding. Eligible researchers will receive invitations to sign-up for these services after they have created a profile. You can create a profile now through the GDN Web site.

What is GDN-NA:

GDN-NA connects developing country researchers with researchers in North America. The GDN-NA builds professional networks, facilitates knowledge sharing, and fosters opportunities to influence policy. The GDN-NA Web site equips development specialists with links to a wide range of valuable information, including potential collaborators in other geographic regions, collections of data and research, important events, and skills information to support their work.

The Center for Global Development and GDN have developed the Free Journal Access Portal in cooperation with Project MUSE of the Johns Hopkins University Press.